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Ways to connect surveillance cameras to a computer or laptop

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When connecting video surveillance systems with your own hands, the question often arises - how to properly connect a video surveillance camera? In this article, we will answer this question and determine what difficulties may arise when connecting a video camera Pasang CCTV and how to solve them.

Let's clarify which type your camera belongs to, since their connection diagrams differ.
There are the following types of video cameras: digital, analog and IP surveillance cameras. Possible options for connecting these cameras to a computer are presented below.
Diagram of connecting a digital video camera to a laptop or computer

Below is a diagram of connecting a digital video surveillance camera to a DVR and a computer. The digital camera can be TVI, CVI or AHD.
A very important point: the power supply does NOT come with the camcorder; it must be purchased separately. A 12V / 1A power supply is connected to the camcorder. It is suitable for any kind of camera.

photo connection of a digital camcorder to a computer

Next, you need to connect a digital camera to the DVR. Be careful, the camera must comply with the standard of the DVR. If the DVR is TVI, then the video camera must also be TVI, etc. Today there are recorders that can work with cameras of different formats. Read the product description carefully. You can connect from 1 to 32 video cameras to the DVR. In the article how to choose a video recorder, you will find a detailed description of the capabilities.

In digital video surveillance, 2 types of cable are used: coaxial and twisted pair cable. Coaxial or TV cable transmits a high quality signal without interference and noise over long distances. Maximum efficiency is achieved with a line up to 100 meters, without amplifiers and transceivers. Twisted pair cable can significantly reduce video surveillance costs. There are 8 intertwining cores in one network cable. Thus, connecting 4 surveillance cameras with one twisted pair wire with a distance of 50 meters to the recorder will transmit a signal without losing quality. If it is necessary to lay commutation lines for more than 100 meters, twisted pair transceivers are used.

The DVR supports remote connection. Thanks to this, it is possible to connect a computer, phone, tablet. There are two ways to connect to the DVR:

    Local network, locally at the facility;
    The recorder and the computer are connected to the Internet. You can connect to your camcorder from anywhere in the world.

On a computer, in addition to online broadcasting, you can view the archive, as well as store video information.

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