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Hunter Killer

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Hunter Killer is an American attack submarine commanded by Captain Joe Glass. The crew of the submarine, together with a unit of the United States Navy, takes on an extremely responsible and risky mission - you need to save the world from a seemingly inevitable catastrophe. A task that at first glance seems impossible, only the valiant members of an elite team can do. But will they be able to prevent a global conflict?

The film Hunter Killer became the fifth directorial work of Donovan Marsh. Initially, there were several contenders for the director's chair, including McG and Antoine Fuqua. The film, which combines the genres of action and thriller, is filled with action and spectacular fights. Principal photography took place in Bulgaria and the UK. The screenplay was based on George Wallace's novel Point of Fire.

The courageous actor Gerard Butler, who played the role of Captain Glass in the film, specially studied the work of military submarines in order to get used to his role even better. And it should be noted that he really succeeded. The film was released on the big screens in 2018 and was warmly received by the public at nonton online. This is also evidenced by the rating on the authoritative IMDb website, which is 6.9/10.



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